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Automatic sliding pocket doors Astore DRL.1 Serie

We offer to your attention - interior automatic sliding pocket doors.

Astore door motorization mechanism works inside wall pocket structure, that normally made using steel profiles or wooden studs. Framework filled up with soundproof material and faced with plasterboards or another wall panels. Therefore, there are no mechanism parts visible on the outside, except of activation sensors and function switch. All automation are "hidden" inside wall. And when door opens, it moves inside false wall. Made in Ukraine.

home automatic door, Astore

Automatic pocket door variants:

  • One leaf automatic interior pocket doors (left/right);
  • Two leaves automatic interior pocket doors.

Automatic pocket doors could be used for cloakrooms...

motorized closet sliding door, Astore

... for bathrooms

Automation kit consist of:

  • Geared motor;
  • Control box;
  • Two beams IR safety barrier;
  • Toothed belt;
  • Idler pulley;
  • Belt fixing brackets and some other mounting brackets.

Option accessories:

  • Electromagnetic lock;
  • Contactless microwave sensor;
  • Narrow beam overhead IR sensor;
  • Ceiling mounting IR sensor;
  • Wireless pushbutton;
  • Radio transmitter.

There are two ways to activate a door:

а) by above mounted motion sensor:

б) by contactless hand sensor.

We offer:

  • Motorization kit for your existing pocket door;
  • Pocket steel frame structure with built-in automation kit for your door flat;
  • Full kit: pocket door structure with built-in automation kit.
  • Full kit with installation: pocket door structure with built-in automation kit and turnkey installation.

Door flat variants:

  • Wood, MDF with/without glass insertions (individual design is available). Colours - "woods", colours according to Sadolin catalogue;
  • All-glass (transparent, colored, with picture  ....).

Our home pocket door automation kit advantages:

  • We use only good quality components for our motorization kit! Kit should work more years without interference in it;
  • Gearmotor is good quality, powerful, 24VDC ;
  • All fixing brackets made with thick steel and guarantee proper securing in place with strength margin and good stability to dynamic loads;
  • Power supply unit has built-in overheating protection;
  • Power supply input variants: 100VAC/230VAC;
  • Two door speads. Door moves as fastly as conventional autmatic doors, but change speed to lower when reach end positions;
  • Control box made from polystyrene, IP66.


Our automatic pocket door kit AG60/100 designed to be maximum safe for using this in homes. Essential safety protection of AG60/100 is provided by built-in obstacle detecion and two IR-beams safety photobarrier. As well, additionally, the safety is supported by using low voltage parts (24VDC), possibility to adjust door speeds and connect additional safety sensors. If you plan to use automatic door at your home and circle of users include children and/or disabled and/or elderly people, we strongly recommend you to use additional safety devices. Contact our staff for more information about additional safety sensors.

"Pet" mode

Sounds familiar?

If your pet can't open doors itself ...

... specially for your pet - cat or dog, we added additional and very useful function - "Pet". This mode works as below:

It requires installation of extra pet sensors near doorway on pet height. When pet approaches door, sensor will detects it and automatic door will open. The opening width will be special one in this case, not full width, but less that is required for pet pass (this pet width is adjustable on door setting phase). After pet pass, door will close automatically.

With our automaic home door, there is no need to leave the door ajar or open door manually for pet pass from one room to another.

One IR beam of two beams photobarrier operates on pet body height, so, door doesn't close within pet stay inside doorway. - каталог сайтов Украины