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Telescopic automatic doors

For the situations, when there is no possibility to install an ordinary automatic straight sliding door, due to the limited space for movable wings movement, it will be right decision to use the telescopic door design.

Automatic telescopic door requires less space and expands width of net passageway with constant total length dimension of the automatic door construction.For example, with the same overall dimensions like regular straight sliding door has, telescopic door allows to increase width of clear doorway on 38% additionally, that could be principally important sometimes when it is nessesary to prepare right clear doorway for optimal pedestrians traffic.

On the other hand, if you want to install automatic doors with a net doorway width from 2200mm to 4500mm, the best option will be to use a telescopic door design, because the length of moving leaves of the straight sliding automatic door has some reasonable limits.

Here are the most frequent reasons to use telscopic door construction for entrances arrangement:

  • Telescopic doors are used in situations, when installation of common automatic straight sliding door either technically impossible or inappropriate in terms of design.
  • At the same dimensions as conventional straight sliding doors, telescopic doors allow to increase net doorway width in 38% additionally.

The construction of telescopic automatic doors much more complicated than regular straight sliding automatic doors, because of this reason its' price more expensive. - каталог сайтов Украины