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Curved, semicircular and circular automatic doors

Due to the intensive construction of office and residential buildings, with facades that have curvilinear shapes, curved, semicircular and circular automatic doors become more popular day by day. These types of automatic doors are not so widespread still because of their higher price compared to conventional automatic straight sliding doors.

Despite to the structural complexity of this automatic doors type, our company offers a curved, semicircular and circular automatic doors Astore at prices that are significantly lower than any other world brands offering today. We have tried to change the price situation, and, thanks to the introduction of some our own unique design and technological know-how, we were able to reduce prime costs and, accordingly, the sale prices to our customers.

Moreover, we offer manufacturing curvilinear automatic doors, according to the design of the customer, while other manufacturers offer design only with reference to their standard radii.

Finishing of aluminum door frame - powder coating to the colors, according to the RAL catalog.

For the curved automatic doors, we offer the wide range of sensors with special characteristics. Some of these are infrared, others are based of microwave detection method.

As well, we offer a special infrared or ultrasonic sensors to prevent the closing of curved doors in case of a pedestrian presence in the doorway.

Door constructions can be manufactured in allglass version, and have or have not a canopy part. As an additional option, we offer LED downlights installtaion. - каталог сайтов Украины