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Straight sliding automatic doors with anti-panic breakout system

Our automatic straight sliding doors constructions could be equipped with additional special anti-panic breakout system mechanism, that should be built-in into door frame when automatic door assembling phase.

This mechanism, or as they call it also - Antipanic system, allows to open sliding doors outside manually in emergency situations.

The buildings and structures, that must have emergency exits, according to safety standards, automatic sliding doors should be equipped mandatory with an external unlocking system (Anti-panic breakout system).

During the evacuation of people from a building in case of fire, natural disaster or for any other urgent reason, the fast activation of the anti-panic breakout system to provide unhindered exit for people is very important. Moving leaves of automatic sliding door swings to open outward from the small effort and stay in the open position until the return to the standard working position.

The use of the anti-panic breakout system enables the use of automatic sliding doors as emergency exits. - каталог сайтов Украины