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Astore straight sliding automatic doors. SLS Serie

Made in Ukraine.

1. Strong and durable anodized aluminum case.

Good and easy for installation. Universal configuration allows to use this operator with any sliding door profile systems.

2. Brushless 24V DC motor (80W).

It provides very effective, energy saving, high speed and high torque but quiet and durable, non-warming feature in spite of continuous operation, excellent characteristics surpassing that of traditional design. The motor's durability is limited just ball bearings'  lifetime!  Warranty - 2 years!

3. Planetary gearbox.

It provides lowest transmission wastage. High coefficient of efficiency. Mechanical components of gearbox made with high-strength wearproof industrial materials. It guarantees low noise and intensive operation.

4. Micro-computer controller.

New improving scheme makes the door managing easier and effective. Built-in IR-photobarrier controller. Warranty - 2 years!

5. Toroid.

Provide stable operating even unstable power supply.



6. Removable rail.

Easy removable rail really decreases  maintenance expenses during after guarantee period.

7. Hangers.

The carriages with three rollers made from japan industrial wearproof polymer designed to bring most precision positioning between two guiding rails to reach excellent moving of door leaves, chatter free.

8. Toothed belt.

Strong elastic antistatic belt from Continental.

9. Adjustable idler pulley .

Used for belt tension udjustment.

10. Door stops.

Stoppers serve to limit path of moving leaves motion.

Control  panel  CP08.

Digital electronic device is used to set the operating parameters and to switch the working modes of automatic doors. English, russian and arabic language versions. Warranty - 2 years!

Sensors and photobarriers.

We offer wide range of motion/safety sensors and photobarriers.

Programm - door is ready to change operating settings
Normal - door stays in normal operating mode (open/close)
Partial open - door opens to width that was selected by user in Settings Mode
Exit only - door opens only for exit
Enter only - door opens only for enter
Open - door stays in open position
Close - door stays in closed position and will not start to open when somebody approached

SLS operator model provides possibility to adjust different operating parameters of automatic door. You are able to make settings according to construction features and function requirements to your automatic door. Use Control Panel to set following parameters:
 -  Opening speed;
 -  Closing speed;
 -  Speed of braking when door is opening;
 -  Speed of braking when door is closing;
 -  Time delay after that opened door starts to close;
 -  Width of clear passageway when door open in Partial Open mode;
 -  Length of breaking distance when door is opening;
 -  Length of breaking distance when door is closing.

Voltage requirement АС230V/50Hz
Power  consumprion motor 80W
accessories 20W
Duty cycle 100%
Max. speed
open (adjustable)

close (adjustable)

one leaf door 45-55sm/sec,
two leaves door 90-110sm/sec
one leaf door 20-50sm/sec,
two leaves door 40-100sm/sec
Мах. force 7 kg.
Time delay (adjustable) from 1 to 3 seconds
Working temperature range -200С - +500С
Safety built-in force limit,
connection to external safety devices - каталог сайтов Украины