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Dear Visitor! You are welcome to homepage of ASTORE AUTOMATIC DOORS - first ukrainian manufacturer of quality and inexpensive automatic door operators and pre-assembled automatic doors constructions!

Our company is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing of gearmotors control systems, microcomputer controllers software, actuators, automatic doors operators and automatic doors structures.

We offer following automatic doors systems and components:

  • straight sliding automatic doors operators;
  • telescopic automatic doors operators;
  • straight sliding automatic doors constructions, according to customer's dimensions, ready for installation;
  • pre-assembled sliding automatic doors (operator kit + automatic straight sliding door pre-assembled frame), according to customer's dimensions;
  • pre-assembled telescopic automatic doors (operator kit + automatic telescopic door pre-assembled frame), according to customer's dimensions;
  • curved, semicircular automatic doors, according to customer's dimensions;
  • circular automatic doors, according to customer's dimensions;
  • revolving manual and automatic doors, according to customer's dimensions;
  • special purpose automatic doors (automatic doors for surgery rooms, "clean" rooms and others....), according to customer's specification;
  • entrance terminals with built-in automatic doors;
  • specialized aluminum profiles system «Astore» for one's own automatic doors manufacturing;
  • IR- and microvawe sensors, radars, photobarriers, pushbuttons and other automatic doors control and safery accessories.

In addition to automatic doors manufacturing and sale, we offer following service programs:


  • turnkey professional installation work;
  • quality installation of any automatic doors by our skilled specialists.


  • automatic doors maintenance service - scheduled and on occasion;
  • quality and safety check review for automatic doors installation work executed by other installers;
  • supply spare parts and repairing service for automatic and manual doors.


  • projection of building entrances with automatic doors;
  • advise for questions when select automatic doors;
  • advise for questions of order, installation and use of automatic doors.

Special discounts.

We grant special discounts on our products for any nonprofit and government-financed organizations, whose activity related to medical aid, servicing of children, elderly and disabled peоple. - каталог сайтов Украины